Notice of AGM 10 October 2017
Date of Event : Tue Sep 12, 2017 5:38PM


7.00PM Tuesday 10th October 2017

at WCG Thomas Pavilion

Richardson Park, Amherst Street South Perth





DECLARATION OF QUORUM (15 members required)








    The Board shall comprise a minimum of ten and a maximum of twelve elected Directors who shall fill the following Portfolios:

    I.              Chairperson

    II.             President

    III.            Secretary

    IV.            Treasurer

    V.             Director of WACA cricket – Seniors

    VI.            Director of WACA cricket – Juniors

    VII.           Director of WACA cricket – Female

    VIII.          Director of WASTCA cricket

    IX.            Director of House

    X.             Ordinary Director (x three)


  4. LIFE MEMBERSHIP PROPOSALS (A vote will be taken on the below nominees with not less than a ¾ majority required to vote in favour to pass the motion)


    The below nominations were put forward by life member Kim Hagdorn (awarded Feb 2010)  and were unanimously supported by the Club’s board of Director’s to take forward to this AGM for approval.


    Dirk Bevilaqua reigning Director of Cricket, Chairman of Selectors and long standing committee member and player.


    Dirk started as a player in 1988 and was a captain of various grade teams over many years.

    Dirk has been a long time committee member of the Club and served in numerous capacities including as bar manager during the 1990’s.

    He retired at age 40 after the 2009/10 season – a season in which he played in his only premiership with the Club (4th Grade).

    Dirk became Director of WACA Cricket and Chairman of Selectors in the 2007/08 season a role he has held continuously for a decade.

    Dirk was also the Club’s head coach for the 2013/14 and 2014/15 season – a role which he performed for no remuneration.



    Steve Barry reigning and long serving Club President, Board member and long serving player.


    Steve commenced his impeccable service across so many forms within the organisation as a junior player in 1981.

    Steve operated as a lower grade captain for many years and was a member of the 1995/96 4th Grade premiership. He retired as a player after the 2000/01 season.

    Steve has served in multiple roles across the Club including Junior Coach, Treasurer, WACA Delegate and of course President since 2007/08 (making Steve the second longest serving President in Club history to this point).


    The Board recommends the tireless, relentless and unbending devotion of these two gentlemen should be recognised in the form of Life Membership of our great Club.




Notice is hereby given of a Special General Meeting of the South Perth Cricket Club Inc. (“Club”) to be held as follows:

Tuesday 10 October at 7.00PM

WCG Thomas Pavilion, Richardson Park Amherst Street, South Perth

The meeting will consider the proposed changes to the Club’s constitution to:

  1. Remove existing Clause 27 of the constitution requiring the Club to perform an audit over its financial accounts each year
  2. Amend Section 26 to reflect the requirements for financial reporting under the Associations Incorporation Act 2015 – as extracted below

The intention of this change is to remove the ever increasing costs of the auditing of the Club’s financials which as increased from $1500 to $4500 over the past few seasons.

A copy of the proposed constitution can be found at the South Perth Cricket Club Website: 

Benjamin Hartley

Secretary – South Perth Cricket Club Inc

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Author: Mark Korol