Hall of Fame - Batting | South Perth Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
11216166401264772619049121*Chloe A WainSouth Perth2017/2018Female A Grade 50 Over1 1Subiaco Floreat
21075692341264772619049107Melissa CameronSouth Perth2017/2018Female A Grade 50 Over1 1Subiaco Floreat
39777083126477261122997Christopher R AndrewsSouth Perth2017/20184th Grade2 1Bayswater-Morley
4771155680126477261911477Emma MeulemanSouth Perth2017/2018Female B Grade 40 Over2 1Rockingham-Mandurah
570291130126477261717170Brooke GuestSouth Perth2017/2018Colts League1 1Claremont-Nedlands
667291130126477261072467Brooke GuestSouth Perth2017/20181st Grade1 1Subiaco Floreat
7661342929126477261110166Jackson EdmondstoneSouth Perth2017/20182nd Grade2 1Bayswater-Morley
8651340012126477261020765Coby EdmondstoneSouth Perth2017/2018WADCC Shield (District U17)1 1Subiaco Floreat
964711732126477274199864Christopher HampsonSouth Perth2017/20189th Grade2 1Doubleview-Carine
10631342929126477261717163Jackson EdmondstoneSouth Perth2017/2018Colts League1 1Claremont-Nedlands
1150569310126477261122650Liam JohnsonSouth Perth2017/20184th Grade1 1Subiaco Floreat
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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